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Embark on your journey with Pusula AI Ecosystem today. We are confident in the substantial value that Pusula contributes to your journey whether you are a student, AI enthusiast, scientist, researcher, or part of MSME. Our carefully crafted plans are structured to fit various requirements, ensuring that you have the resources you need at every step, and are designed to offer you flexibility for your unique needs helping you harness the power of AI Innovation.

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3 Months
6 Months
Features Freemium Basic Advanced Powered
Subscription Billing
Access to AI Tools
Regular Updates
Dynamic AI Services & Consultation
Team Onboarding
On-going tech support
Data Privacy and Security
Idea Assessment
Basic AI Training
Limited AI Support
AI Resource Library
Access to AI Community
Exclusive Content
Tailored Solutions
Full Access to Comprehensive AI Tools
Consultation with Senior Teams
Access to the Newest Features
Chat Boat Development
Chat Boat Implementation
Chatbot Implementation & Maintenance
Machine Learning Solutions
AI-Based Solutions
Deep Learning
Computer Vision
Certification Opportunities
Early Access to Events
User Feedback Loop
AI Hackathons/Challenges
Industry Insights
Partnership Opportunities
Resource Marketplace
Career Services
Custom Workshops
Demo Projects
Hackathon Hosting
AI Ethics and Bias Training
AI Hardware Resources
Guest Speaker Webinars
AI Research Updates
Vertical-Specific Solutions
AI Competitions
AI Career Portal
AI Marketplace
AI Book Club
Feedback Mechanism
Quality Control
Onboarding Process
Access to the Newest Features
Long term Vision
CEO Hours