About Us


Pusula International views AI as a powerful tool that has immense potential to tackle complex and pressing global AI challenges. The manner in which ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is developed and utilized will have enormous repercussions for society globally and humans in general. Pusula International can help you create a more intelligent design for your AI product by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. We can help develop your AI ideas regardless of where you are in your journey with AI, WE CAN HELP. At Pusula we research, examine, analyze, evaluate, and develop AI ideas.

Pusula International’s AI ecosystem is focused on students, researchers, scientists, individuals, and MSMEs who have smaller deployment cycles and budgets that suit our needs and expertise. We recognize it gets challenging and takes a long time for them to approach mid-tier to major IT firms for AI technology development, with the bandwidth and prior knowledge of the technology, or to present their new and original ideas which can sometimes be next to impossible. We will facilitate the adoption of AI technology by providing transparent pricing, cost-effective technology, and a shortened delivery cycle. Pusula will help these customers grow their businesses substantially by using AI technologies such as virtual assistants. To extract value, we rewire decision-making and operations and invest in human capabilities. We refer to this at Pusula International. We create digital goods and experiences with AI and machine learning. We provide cutting-edge technologies to help clients grow. This helps our clients gain an edge over competitors.

As more companies embark on corporate AI initiatives many of them discover that their data is causing them challenges. These challenges can range from issues with data governance to a lack of interface with other systems. IT leaders across the globe frequently find themselves in one of two situations: they are either unable to handle the sheer volume of data at their disposal or they lack access to the essential data required to generate useful and valuable insights. The use of our AI technology will help your business find solutions to challenging data management issues. Thanks to our quick approach to data and AI transformation, your company’s data estate will benefit from solutions that are agile, integrated, flexible, and responsive to your needs. Our expertise extends to industries like Retail, Manufacturing, and direct-to-customer companies.

PUSULA International recognizes the importance of digital and human skills to sustain and scale AI strategies. By working with us clients access new ways of opportunities and establish benchmarks for businesses with our offerings in specialized AI solutions. We focus on various aspects of AI and more.


Will you need AI – Project undertaking:

What makes us want to work harder, work smarter, make our world more interesting, and make the most of what we have? Do we let the resources sit around and wander around aimlessly all day, not knowing what we should be focusing on? Well, you’ve come to the right place if you think you only have a limited amount of time to make a difference in the world and need to get the most out of the resources you have. We’re here to help with the wealth of information around us that isn’t being used.

We look into Tools and Technologies that will help our clients and customers to reach their goals more quickly and effectively. Our mission is to bridge the skills gap by converting human expert knowledge into digital inspectors to simplify the process of developing “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” that anybody may use to create Next Generation goods capable of tackling the most complicated challenges.


Our AI approach is to dream large, start small, and develop fast. Yes, we can see that we are “GAME CHANGERS,”.

We work on having a compelling clear path to the Untapped potential of AI.

Our vision is to get more clarity and deeper insights into the decision-making process. We are working towards an objective, which is to build artificial intelligence responsibly, so that it helps people and society, globally. In addition to this, we go beyond in our exploration of the powers of AI to advance humanity. To fully tap into this potential, AI must be developed and put to responsible usage. In both our research and our products, the development and application of artificial intelligence are guided by an ethical charter that is comprised of Our Principles.